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Digital Tattoo Resources

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Archived and Cached
The Internet Archive and its Way Back Machine give you a historical snapshot of a site within seconds. Google gives you cached pages displaying pages that may have been deleted.


*Digital Dossier

How aware are you of your digital dossier? Watch this YouTube video of the time line of Andy's lifespan and find out...


Digital Tattoo Project                                                                         
This site has resources to encourage adults and teens to think about their presence online, navigate the issues involved in forming and re-forming their digital identity and learn about their rights and responsibilities as digital citizens.

Discovery: Your Digital Footprint                                                           
This scenario shows you how much information from your daily life gets recorded by big business and big brother. Play the scenario and then try to reduce your digital footprint. 

*Google Alerts                                                                                       
These are updates that can be set up to be sent to your email of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your choice of query or topic. You can query your name, other names, news topics and so on.

This blog from Anne Collier provides timely articles for parents and educators on the latest in technology. Search for topics of concern. Sign up for her weekly rss feed to your email to keep up with the latest with kids and technology.

QR Code generators
These free sites, like Kaywa, generate a QR code or bar code like image that can point smart phone users to a website, video, text, text message or email. Users must first download a QR code reader app.

Here's an article from Read/Write/Web with 8 Tools to Track your Footprint on the Web.





*BrainPop: Netiquette

BrainPop, a provider of animated instructional videos, provides a FREE video lesson on netiquette and online reputation with accompanying activities and resources. It includes a quiz that can be emailed to the teacher. (grades 4-8)


*Common Sense Media Education

FREE curriculum that uses case studies to emphasize critical thinking and decision making. Lessons are divided into three major topical strands: 1. Safety and Security, 2. Digital Citizenship and 3. Research and Information Literacy. It's FREE, but you must register as an educator to access the units. The unit, Privacy and Digital Footprints (Grades 4-8), connects to the concept of digital tattoos. See two lessons: Choose a Host (Grades 6-8) Follow the Digital Trail (grades 2-3). 


How Recruiters Use Social Networks to Screen Candidates:   Reppler recently surveyed more than 300 hiring professionals to determine when and how job recruiters are screening job candidates on different social networks.


Privacy and Reputation Online: A video produced by ikeepsafe.org where two teens relay their experiences with positive and negative consequences of online reputation (Grades 9-12).


*NSTeens (English and Spanish!)

NSTeens FREE resources empower tweens (children ages 8 - 12) to make safer online choices through lessons taught in a series of animated videos about the Internet-related adventures of a group of teenagers. Educators may reinforce the videos’ safety lessons through the use of accompanying activity cards. The topic, Revealing Too Much, contains 3 videos and lessons about the consequences of not managing your digital tattoo. (grades 3-7)


NSTeens (English and Spanish!)

The site also houses NetSmartz’s Real-Life Stories videos---a series of narratives from teens about real experiences of online victimization. Each of the videos is accompanied by an activity card to facilitate student discussion and understanding. The video, Tracking Teresa, ties to your digital tattoo. (grades 8-12)


Taking Care of your Digital Self:  An article by Steven Anderson on how to make sure your digital presence on the web is what you want it to be.






This is a bimonthly e-newsletter offering parents and teachers tools to help kids, ages 9 -14, stay safer online. Primary focal areas include: social networking, wireless devices, gaming, cyberbullying and privacy. The site is also translated into Spanish.


*Common Sense Media  

Provides reviews and ratings on movies, games, apps and books to help parents and educators make sense of the media. In addition, your site can register to use their FREE  Parent Media Education Program. Topics covered include cyberbullying, social networking, sexting, video games, and more.


Could You Pass a Facebook Background Check?  This is an eye opening article by the Wall Street Journal that parents should read so they can help their children understand what to and what not to post online.



This site is a public service from Internet corporations and contains a repository of instructional how-to video tutorials for parents. Videos range from setting your myspace or facebook profile to private, to setting your search engine to filter pornography, to activating your computer's security settings.


Net Cetera: Chatting with Kids About Being Online (Spanish and English!)

This FREE guide for parents from the FTC contains advice for parents of kids at different ages (tweens and teens) on social networking, cell phones, sexting, cyberbullying, and file sharing. It's a great resource to hand out on a parent night. Printed booklets can be ordered in bulk for FREE here.



This blog from Anne Collier provides timely articles for parents and educators on the latest in technology. Search for topics of concern.



Examples of School Action - Post Links



Anne Bubnic's Diigo Digital Citizenship List:

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